Original TAHITIAN NONI® Juice brings you the benefit of scientific discovery, leading-edge quality assurance technology, and 2,000 years of history.

No product has had such an immediate, significant impact on the health and nutrition market as TAHITIAN NONI® Juice. People love it, and they love how they feel when they drink it. TAHITIAN NONI Juice could change your life. No other noni product compares to authentic TAHITIAN NONI® Juice!

  • Made from Morinda citrifolia fruit puree-not concentrates or powders.
  • Delivers optimal benefits because of its original liquid form.
  • Originates with fruit picked by specially trained harvesters.
  • Backed by a research lab dedicated solely to the study of Morinda citrifolia.
  • Contains no chemical preservatives, sugars, or thickeners.

Now more than ever, people are focused on health. But our society seems to be less healthy and under more stress than ever. Few seem adept at finding a better lifestyle.

Sometimes you chance upon something that helps satisfy an overall need for the body. That’s TAHITIAN NONI® Juice. Morinda citrifolia, or noni fruit, offers natural benefits not found in any other resource-French Polynesians have known this and used the noni for thousands of years. Now, thanks to Tahitian Noni International, the benefits of noni are being discovered and cherished every day by people throughout the world.

The island paradise of Tahiti is home to the healthiest and most nutrient-abundant noni fruit in the world. French Polynesia’s unique climate, pristine soils, and virtually unpolluted environment make it the single most perfect place in the world to grow noni-as it has been for centuries. Tahitian Noni International uses only noni grown in this ideal environment for TAHITIAN NONI Juice, and they educate and train each harvester to pick only the best noni fruit and protect its important properties throughout the picking process. Tahitian Noni International controls the process from beginning to end—from the picking of the noni fruit until it is delivered in the bottle to each consumer. Tahitian Noni International can trace each bottle of TAHITIAN NONI Juice back to the island and harvester who picked the fruit. No other product pedigree can compare. Most product pedigrees end at a raw-ingredient broker.

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